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Account opening for you or your business can be difficult if you are not in the same country as your Bank or if you are in an industry that most Banks would not support. With traditional Banks it is difficult to open corporate or private accounts without sending documentation, followed by lengthy in person meetings and questioning.

It was in August 2014 when the Founders of WB21 had enough of dealing with these obstacles; spending hours in meetings to get a Bank account opened, paying several percent in currency exchange and wire transfer fees and waiting days for international payments to be received. Realizing that millions of Bank customers are facing the same problem, we decided to create a solution that redefines banking on a global scale. We decided to create the ultimate solution in digital banking, a global solution for people and businesses that want to open accounts in minutes, transfer money in real time and pay less fees. A solution where money can flow freely for a fair price.

With more than 5 Million customers WB21 is a group of Financial Institutions licensed in various countries. WB21 protects customer funds with industry leading security tools and our global diversification concept. We provide the highest level of protection by keeping segregated accounts at leading Banks in various countries. As a result your money is globally diversified and protected by multiple jurisdictions. The services of WB21 Group are available in 180 countries.